When Is The Right Time to Hire a Salesperson?

Published On: March 1, 2023

When is the right time to hire a salesperson? I liken this dilemma to other situations: When is the right time to get a dog? When is the right time to step away from the shop? When should I add another press? It’s never the right time! However, it can make a strong positive impact on your shop. Thinking about hiring a sales person to go out and help your shop grow can be a daunting task. I’ve compiled 5 key areas to consider if this topic has been bubbling up.

  1. Longer term goals for the shop: Most of us haven’t built a strategy for going out and finding/closing business. We’ve relied on current customers and referrals to build our business. In my experience helping shops develop sales strategies, the vast majority bring in outside help when they decide they want to go out and find business. Selling is hard, and even though most shop owners excel in this area, it becomes a back-burner item when all the other aspects of the business get in the way. I’d recommend sitting down and really looking at what you want to accomplish from a revenue and profit perspective in the short and long term. If growing sales aligns to your why and your shop goals, it might be the right time to bring someone in to assist.
  2. Economic environment: We’re in an interesting economic environment today. Some shops are ripping and others are starting to slow. I’m hearing more and more shops starting to focus on what they can do now to prepare for what’s to come. Hiring someone into a small business is never an easy decision, especially when we have some uncertainty pending. In slower times, it can be easier to onboard and train new team members. Ultimately, you can really look at this through 2 different perspectives. One being, let’s hold tight and see what happens. The other being, let’s own our destiny and get someone in here that can help us weather the impending storm and continue to grow.
  3. Do I have the right hiring process: If hiring a salesperson is something that’s top of mind for you, I’d challenge you to think about the steps, resources, and processes needed to hire the right person. I find too many shops put little time and effort into this area. This person could have a huge impact on your shop. If you get the right person, they could help you hit your growth goals and make you quite a bit of money in the process. If you get it wrong, it can be tremendously costly. Investing time in sourcing candidates, creating a strong profile of what you’re looking for, and building interview guides and other selection criteria is critical if you want to bring on the right person.

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